Zoom Bike® Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Tricycle


A strong and versatile kids bike that folds away for easy storage.

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  • SCRATCH FREE WHEELS: Zoom Bike has patented no-Scratch wheels with LED light up capability perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • EASY STOW AWAY: Zoom Bike folds up in 3 simple steps and fits easily into your stroller storage basket, car trunk and anywhere else it might be stored.
  • NO SETUP NEEDED: The Zoom Bike will arrive fully assembled with no setup required! No difficult instructions to follow will get this bike to use on the first day!
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: With easy to learn, intuitive design the Zoom Bike helps children master balancing and steering skills
  • BEAUTIFUL COLOR ACCENTS: Zoom Bike was designed to stand out as an attractive bike with maximum use of form and function.
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1 review for Zoom Bike® Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Tricycle

  1. (verified owner):

    I want to start by saying that I love this!
    Now on to the reasons why. I seriously put this item together in less than a minute! No screws, no bolts, and no tools. It just snaps into place. Like a folding table or a scooter. It is so well built and strong. Especially, for something that can be put together in a minute. The handle bar and front wheel are one piece. You unhook it from the lock and snap it into place. The back wheels simply snap into place as well. Once that click is heard it is sturdy and all good to go.
    To unfold the item you just push the arrows on the back wheels in the correct direction and apply pressure up. They snap easy into place. The front wheel is similar. It takes a little more effort to get into place to lock it as you need to pull tightly. The whole item is just so easy to put together and take put away! It takes up less space than my diaper bag! It can almost fit in my diaper bag. The most portable trike I have ever seen.
    Here is the awesome part. My son absolutely adored it. My son is autistic and he doesn’t show much interest in bikes or moving anything with his feet. He more likes the wheels. We needed an item that would get him interested in moving his feet. When he saw the box he jumped right to it and wanted it open. I set it up quickly and he automatically got on it and knew what to do. I am including a video of his first time seeing and using the trike.
    The overall look is very appealing and caught his eye. It is blue and green. The wheel have some glitter in them as well. I really enjoyed watching my son play with this for hours on end. My son is 33″ and 21 months right now and it fit him beautifully for learning. If a larger child used this and knew to pick up there legs they could have a blast going downhill! I was sent this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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